Dealsby - About Us

Dealsby Bridging Small Businesses and Customers

Dealsby serves as the direct link between Small Businesses and their existing and new customers through our App-based Referral Reward Program Platform. In exchange for pre-approved referral rewards—such as discounts on first-time or future purchases—Small Businesses can connect with customers more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost.

Value Creation:

1.For Small Business Subscribers: Dealsby empowers Small Businesses to swiftly engage with new customers, fostering growth and sustainability

2.For Consumers: Trustworthy small businesses become more accessible through family and friend referrals via Dealsby. Additionally, consumers save money through referral reward discounts from these recommended Small Businesses.

Our mission is clear: to support Small Businesses and their Communities, one referral at a time.

About Dealsby: Founded by Brenton Wright in Atlanta, GA, Dealsby draws from his family’s Small Business background. With over 30 years of business experience and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Brenton’s entrepreneurial vision and educational foundation drive the success of Dealsby’s SaaS Referral Marketing & Customer Engagement Technology.