Empowering Small Businesses with Dealsby
A New Era of Referral Marketing

The Vision Behind Dealsby

The heart of every community beats with the rhythm of small businesses. These unsung heroes bring character, service, and intimacy to the neighborhoods they serve. Dealsby was born out of the desire to celebrate these local champions and forge stronger connections between them and the people they serve.

Imagine a platform where every handshake, every purchase, and every friendly exchange is more than just a transaction—it’s a link in a chain of community engagement. That’s the essence of Dealsby. A place where small businesses thrive on the power of word-of-mouth, where customers become advocates, and where every referral is a testament to quality, trust, and the desire to save money.

Dealsby: Not Just a Technology, But a Movement

Dealsby isn’t just a technology; it’s a movement. It’s about recognizing that behind every small business is a dream, a family, and a story. With Dealsby, these stories spread like wildfire, igniting conversations, inspiring loyalty, and building a network of shared success—one referral at a time.

As small businesses face the giants of industry, Dealsby stands as their ally, wielding the mighty sword of community support to level the playing field. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving, expanding, and redefining what it means to be a small business in today’s world.

Key Features of Dealsby

Dealsby offers a suite of features designed to enhance referral marketing and customer engagement for small businesses, as a community. These features collectively work towards creating a strong referral network, enhancing customer loyalty, and ultimately driving growth for small businesses through community-powered marketing.

Some core features include effortless Consumer Referral Code Sharing, Featured Small Business Program (Location-based Viewing of member businesses), Dealsby Points Program (earn branded Dealsby Merchandise), Brand Awareness and Exposure for our Small Business Subscribers, New Customer Acquisition, Community Connection, Easy Setup, and Engaging and Memorable Customer Experiences.🌟🚀

The Featured Small Business Program

This special offering by Dealsby provides enhanced visibility for small businesses. For an additional monthly subscription fee, your business will be automatically displayed to consumers based on their location when they open the Dealsby website or mobile app. Featured member small businesses will also be displayed on Google Maps® as a network of Dealsby Businesses. This feature ensures that your business stands out and is prominently featured to potential customers who are actively looking for local services and products.

Dealsby stands out as a unique platform in the referral marketing landscape due to its community-centric approach. Here’s a summary of its distinctive features:

  • Community of Small Businesses: Unlike individual referral marketing software solutions, Dealsby fosters a collective approach to referral marketing solutions where small businesses unite on one easy to use platform to offer rewards, discounts and promotions..
  • Enticing Referral Rewards: It provides compelling incentives that encourage customers to participate in the referral process actively.
  • Exceptional Customer Experiences: Dealsby prioritizes creating memorable experiences for customers, which is pivotal in driving repeat business.
  • Differentiating Factor: The combination of community support, attractive rewards, and superior customer service sets Dealsby apart from typical referral marketing solutions. .

Dealsby is described as more than just a technology; it’s a movement. Here’s why:

  • Community Support: Dealsby is about uniting consumers and small businesses. It fosters a community where people can support local entrepreneurs and discover unique products and services.
  • Referral Marketing: It leverages proprietary referral code sharing technology to help businesses better implement effective marketing strategies, thus creating a truly collaborative environment for growth.
  • Customer Engagement: Dealsby integrates various platforms like SMS, email, and social media to engage customers, which goes beyond the typical technological approach.
  • Shared Prosperity: The platform is designed to create brand awareness and new customer acquisition opportunities, emphasizing shared success between consumers and businesses.

In essence, Dealsby represents a truly collective effort to reshape the market by collectively promoting small businesses and saving money for all consumers, which aligns with the principles of a movement rather than just a service or product.