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Dealsby fosters community growth by linking local small businesses with consumers through our innovative Customer Referral Sharing Technology, complemented by exclusive, pre-approved referral rewards and discounts.

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Brent W Atlanta GA 210
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Harman Test T Mesa AZ 105
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Penny J Hartwell GA 55
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Save time, money and frustration locating
great local area Small Businesses near you that offer
great customer experiences & awesome referral
reward discounts for you and your new referrals!

Share enticing Small Business referral campaigns hosted on
Dealsby via your Email, SMS or Social Media
with your family and friends in one(1) easy click!

You and your referrals all
earn awesome referral reward discounts on your
next purchase with the newly referred Small Business!

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Create viral Customer Referral Campaigns

Create your 1st Customer Referral Rewards Campaign & be up & running & sharing with your new & existing customers in minutes!

Lower your Customer Acquisition Costs

Dealsby creates viral brand awareness & exposure opportunities for your business at a lower cost.

Marketing Automation

Dealsby's marketing automation reminds your customers to share referrals of your business with others, such as their family & friends, as well as reminders of your new & existing referral campaigns.

Instant Notifications of New Customer Referrals

Be notified by Dealsby, via email & app messages, the exact moment your new & existing customers are referred and also when your referrals are ready to redeem their newly earned referral reward discounts!

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Facts about Small Business & the Importance of Referrals

There are over 33 million
Small Businesses in the US

92% of Small Businesses rely on customer referrals for new business

Consumers are 4X more likely to buy when they are referred by a family member or friend

89% of Consumers are willing to recommend their favorite local Small Businesses. Do it with Dealsby!

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Dealsby Frequently Asked Questions

" Dealsby is a Cloud-based Referral Marketing and Customer Engagement Solution that allows Small Businesses to directly connect with new customers faster and at a lower customer acquisition cost. Our Consumers Subscribers can digitally share referrals of our member small businesses with their family & friends in one(1) easy click using Dealsby in exchange for first time or future purchase discounts!"

Dealsby can be accessed by mobile web (@Dealsby.io) or by downloading the Dealsby App via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

" Dealsby is always free for Consumers to join and use. Small Businesses can enjoy a free fourteen (14) day membership trial that converts to a paid Small Business Membership Plan. Dealsby costs $199 per month for Unlimited Customer Referral Marketing Campaigns along with Marketing Automation Services such as sending customer notifications of new referral campaigns and to remind the Small Business' existing customers to refer their family and friends.

"Dealsby is a cloud-based & centralized Small Business Referral Marketplace for traditional referral dependent industries such as restaurants, retail, specialty home contractors, professional services and real estate related industries to directly connect with Consumers who seek out their products and services. Consumers can come to one small business marketplace to find reputable Small Businesses across popular industries. Through our Customer Referral Hyperlink Sharing Technology, Consumers can digitally share referrals of our member Small Businesses in one(1) click using WhatsApp™, Email or Social Media Platforms such as FacebookTM, Twitter™, Pinterest™ and Linkedin™.

"Small Business owners who desire to acquire more customers at a lower customer acquisition cost, don't have a formal Customer Referral Marketing Program or business website to market their small business. Dealsby is also for consumers who want to quickly & efficiently share referrals of great local small businesses in their community while also saving money by receiving referral reward discounts all using the favorite communications tools such as email, SMS or social media. Both the referrer and the referees that have been referred, using Dealsby, receive the small business' pre-approved referral reward discount."